Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Maybelline Touch of Light Review

With highlighting all the craze now I really got ext excited to see this at the drugstore. I love a good highlight on the cheek either alone or with blush also. Got home all excited and I tore right into this bottle lol swatched it on my hand and rub it in. The color was a bit scary to me since I am so fair and this is so GOLD. But I thought I will make this work. I wanted to make it work. Sadly though for my skin tone it doesnt (sad face) it just ends up looking like a gold grease slick on my face. I tried a few ways of applying this also with my fingers a spunge and a brush, always ended in the same result. The only other way I havent tried and I will is to just mix it in with my foundation when I want a brighter bronzery look.

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