Sunday, September 9, 2012

Makeup for a Cause

 A fellow beauty blogger that I follow had mentioned on her twitter about starting a donation bin for makeup to be given to Breast cancer patients. Now having a grandmother pass away because of this type of cancer and having a husband who had  Testicular Cancer,  I knew I had to jump in on this.  For all the full details go here Beauty by Krystal's blog. She is heading up this wonderful idea. 

My grandmothers story:
My Grandmother on her wedding day

She didn't catch her cancer early, had no symptoms till one day she had a rash she couldn't get rid of. After many test at the doctors they told her she had stage four breast cancer and they wanted to try chemo. Given her age and her unwillingness to get a second opinion she didn't have many option. Options that I really believe would have saver her life, but whats in the past stays in the past. I can only live on for her memory. She only lived about six months longer chemo and the cancer was just to much for her already frail body. She was taken way to early from her daughter and grandchildren. So many more stories were left to be heard from her. 

In doing things like this I hope her memory continues on. I do feel her every day and in everything I do. I know she would be happy with how my life has turned out and she would be madly in love with my husband and son. So please check out the information page listed above and get to donating. If you cant donate to this do something for any cancer charity. Help in any way you can even just sending get well cards to a cancer patient is helpful. 

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