Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random Thurdays

This weeks topic is If I had 1 million dollars.
This list could get long lol so Ill just hit they key points.
1. Give a bunch to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.
Why, well beacuse they were a big help when my husband was fighting this type of cancer. The women who runs this is truely a saint and her foundtation helps many. So remember ladies tell the men in your life early dection is the key to life.
2. Set up a college fund for my son.
3. Pay off all bills and buy some land and a house.
4. Lets face it I am a girl after all so yes some of this money would be spend on shoes clothes and makeup lol.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How much is your face worth?

Sprinkle of Glitter Blog did this Tag this morning and tagged her followers. So here is my face and its worth.

(sorry for the funky lighting darn cell pic) 

The Face:
Neutrogena healthy skin in number 40 nude 12.99
tarte get up and Glow (just the blush)  15.99
BareMinerals mineral veil    20.00

The Eyes:
Urban Decay Naked Pallet  50.00
Maybeline define-a-brow light brown 1.29 (target clearance score :))
NYX Le Chick Flick mascara  5.99

The Lips:
Wet and Wild Mega Shield in Pink Champagne  2.99
NYX Mega shine lip gloss in Chandelier   5.49

So the grand total is $113.85

All together not that bad I say :) 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Email

I have found Gmail :) . If you want to email me for any reason please do so.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love the Legs

A few months back I got this in my GlossyBox, the Fab first aid beauty Smooth Shave cream.  Now I have always been a shaving cream form a can kind of girl for my legs. So I thought why not try this out and maybe leave my trust shaving cream behind. 

This product states that it helps minimizes nics and razor irritation and provides a close long lasting shave. All the while smoothing and moisturizing the legs. I must say it does do all of these things. My legs have never felt smoother right after a shave. I did notice feeling my razor more during the shaving with this then I do with my drugstore shave gel.  I do like that this is fragrance free too, smells in some shower products do tend to be a bit over powering. 

Now if I had to chose between my drugstore shave gel and this just bc of the price alone I would go with my shave gel. At 7.50 its a bit to high for but if I want to splurge sure I would. So I will keep using what I have till its gone but I can say that I have enjoyed this product and would really love to try others from this brand.  They have a face mask and eye roller that look amazing. 

Random Thursdays

 Its that time again :) 

This weeks topic is Summer Reads, and honestly I haven't really read anything this summer :( Now in May the last Sookie Stackhouse book came out of course I got all excited and pre-ordered it. But Its taken me all summer to read it lol its just so slow. Now the rest of the series oh man it is amazing. If you love the show then you will love the books more. 

I must say though this book looks amazing on my night stand its just so bright, But yea I need to finish the book. Need to know how this all ends, but Im going to save it till after True Blood ends as a way for me to keep my obsession going even when the show is not one. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thursdays: Currently Obsessed with....

 My favorite link up :) 

For one True Blood, I mean like almost Star Wars fan like lol. Not writing fanfiction or anything but close. Im so sad there is only two episodes left :(. 

Im already on my fourth bottle of this stuff :) this year, if that tells you anything. 

Last but not least Insnstagram, I am forever posting on that thing right now like almost annoyingly a lot. Instagram name is DarbieJo if you want to follow.

Head on over to Linny's Vault and check out what everyone else is obsessing over!

Day 3 of Mommy Blog Week

So yesterday was my sons first day back to school, so I took the time to just step away from the computer and go wander the stores around town. Shopping or rather window shopping is much easier with you a little boy in tow. I did however make some purchases that I posted to my Instagram, Bath and body works always gets me when they send a coupon. Also went into some stores that are not little kid friends like Kirklands they had fall and Halloween stuff out already. Also had points to us at Ulta so I wondered  around there too. 

My sons awesome coloring skills :) 

Saw this sign at Kirklands :) thought it was to cute. Might have to make a trip back saw many things I would love for my house. Just wish the store didn't have such a strong scent :( couldn't stay long because it caused me to get a headache.

Bath and Body works also had their Halloween stuff out, How cute is this Scentprotable :) I got the scent in  Vanilla Coconut. Love it its not to strong or to light.  

This is all I purchased on my window shopping trip. That watch was on clearance at Target for five dollars how could I pass that up. 

Be and sure to go check out the other mommy bloggers by heading over to Krystal's page. Krystal is also Vlogging all this week about how she organizes her day. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 2 of the Mommy Blogs

Pictures of my summer day typical day :)

 We are at our pool all the time if the weather allows :) best way to tire my son out :) 
 Not my best mile but its been months since working out was part of the daily routine

Love this magazine for ideas :) and the ads oh I love the ads. In the morning I do spend time reading all the new blog post and catching up on facebook and twitter and emails. Tomorrow my son starts school meaning I will have more free time to blog post and play with my love MAKEUP.

Remember to check out Krystal's Blog her daily mommy vlogs and to see the others that have linked up too :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommy Bloggin

Starting this week I have linked up with Krystal From Beauty By Krystal Blog for a week long series about how we all manage being a Mommy and a Blogger. I will make little post every day this week about different things. Like how I find the time to blog, clean house, and take care of my son. How we spend our days, Where I take my photo's. All that lovely stuff we all so want to know lol. 

We played trains today and look we made a heart :). Will be posting more about our day later and every day this week. Want to join in on the fun then head on over to Krystal's blog and link up, share your ideas and what your typical days look like!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who likes Samples? This Girl does

The Beauty on the go section at Sephora has to be my favorite place to look. I went into Sephora the other day to get a few samples of some foundations, Im looking to change up my foundations. Love the fact that they give you about a weeks worth of a sample to try for a few days. Best way to find one that works for your skin type. 

I wasn't even planning on purchasing anything, until I had tested out the foundations for a few days. But that darn sample section got to me lol. As I wondered through I picked up the Tarte primers and the Jenniger Aniston Perfume. I was also at a 100 points ( i know so low but I dont shop often ) was the Algenist lift and firm cream. 

Look for separate reviews on all the products in the coming weeks :).

Thursday, August 9, 2012

E.L.F. Review

So being a stay at home mom and only having one income sometimes you got to go with drugstore makeup. This land of makeup is always a hit or miss it seems for everyone. ELF is one of those really low price point brands that I love somethings and others not so much but I will always give them a try. Today I have their $1 mascara and their $3 cream eye shadow.

Now I  must say I was a bit skeptical about the mascara, I mean come on for a dollar what can you expect right. Well I was pretty pleased with it after some playing around with it. For my lashes the brush did separate them and the mascara did cover lash from root to tip. But I did find I have to clean the brush of quiet a bit to be able to get it to work with out clumping. After the cleaning off some of the product it worked wonderfully. This product didn't flack of during the day or smudge at all for me and it washed off easily too. In the picture you can see all the product i have to clean off in order to not get a clumpy look, but that is my only complaint.

Cream eye shadow in the color Dawn. So far I have used this just as a base to intensify my other shadow. Its lasted pretty well through out the day with or with out a primer. The color pay off is not great unless you layer but once again not something I'm to terribly turned off by. I haven't worn it on its own yet so I don't know how it would stand up but I believe it would do well on its own. 

What Elf products do you enjoy? What Elf products do you not enjoy?

Random Thursdays: Favorite Beauty Products

Today I was reading Natalie Blair's Blog, a new favorite of mine, and her Random Thursday link up post was there. So I decided I would link up to the topics are always fun and interesting. Well today's was favorite beauty products now being a makeup junky how could I turn this one down. So I got my chores done and ran upstairs to my stash of stuff and picked out some of my favorite items. Here they are in all their glory.
Mark. highlighter its my go to blush/highlighter. Its not packed with glitter but a nice shimmer. Doesnt make my skin look greasy its just a nice touch to my cheeks with or with out blush. 

My lips are always so dry :( but with using this at night it really helps keep them moist and ready for the day. Also how can you not like something in a tiny little cute package.

Its a ten leave in conditioner, with all the coloring and bleaching I have done to my hair this is my go to detangular. Its also still light enough that it doesnt weigh my thin hair down. 

Sigma F80, its the only Sigma brush I own at the moment but man its the best brush I own. This just makes foundation application so easy. It leaves a flawless finish too. 

And a last but not lease Urban Decay Naked Pallete, I cant live with out this thing. Every color blends so smoothly hardly any fall out and its all natural. Cant go wrong with any color combo on the eye!

My list could go on and on lol, but those are my most go to and favorite products of the moment. Now I dare you to link up to :) just hit the button and go :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh Soft Skin

This has been my go to combo all summer long for keeping the dry skin at bay. The body scrub I use about once a week or so. I got it from Target form the Boots collection a while back, once I finish I will be making my own body scrub. The Body Dew a friend of mine turned me on to, you can find it on her page here Pure Romance by Sarah.

The Body Dew is amazing, its just Carnation oil and light scents. Even though its a oil i never feel greasy after apply. I apply after every shower and randomly through out the day. I really love to use this after shaving it stops that itch and irritation i sometimes get form the razor. I have it in Pear Berry scent but it does come in a few other scents. Original scent, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Mediterranean Fig, and Pink Cupcake. I'm ordering the Pink Cupcake next :) yummyness in a bottle.

The Boots scrub is a nice creamy scrub and does the job well. The scent is not strong and rinses off well. I use this about once a week in my shower routine. This is a big tub so it has lasted me for a very long time, but once it runs out I want to reuse the tub to make my own scrubs. Found many here on pinterest. I also use the scrub before apply my self tanner :) keeps the orange away :).

Please go check out Sarh's facebook page remember to like to be kept up to date on new products and promotions.