Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love the Legs

A few months back I got this in my GlossyBox, the Fab first aid beauty Smooth Shave cream.  Now I have always been a shaving cream form a can kind of girl for my legs. So I thought why not try this out and maybe leave my trust shaving cream behind. 

This product states that it helps minimizes nics and razor irritation and provides a close long lasting shave. All the while smoothing and moisturizing the legs. I must say it does do all of these things. My legs have never felt smoother right after a shave. I did notice feeling my razor more during the shaving with this then I do with my drugstore shave gel.  I do like that this is fragrance free too, smells in some shower products do tend to be a bit over powering. 

Now if I had to chose between my drugstore shave gel and this just bc of the price alone I would go with my shave gel. At 7.50 its a bit to high for but if I want to splurge sure I would. So I will keep using what I have till its gone but I can say that I have enjoyed this product and would really love to try others from this brand.  They have a face mask and eye roller that look amazing. 

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