Thursday, September 6, 2012

Its that time again :) Random Thursday link up. I have really enjoyed doing this every Thursday. This really helps me keep in the blogging mood :) and have blogged more I believe because of it. Ok enough of that on to the Topic. 

Favorite Fell Good Movies. This is a hard one because I have so many movies that I love even though I dont get to the theater that often anymore. Netflix is my best friend now. Pictures are from IDMB, love that website just spend 20 minets watching trailers for new movies will searching for these two movies.

1. Love Actually 
             I could watch this Christmas movie year round. It has a few story lines in the plot but the little boy's story line is my favorite

2. Bridget Jones Diary
           I cant get enough of this its such a down to earth real girl story. Its just so funny and about a normal girl.  The book is amazing too :) 

I know only two but I seem to have brain farted on the rest lol Im pretty sure this list could be so much longer and go on for days but these two are my top two. 


  1. You're like the 3rd person to list Love Actually. I really need to watch that movie since you guys say it's really good. I feel so out of the loop haha.

    Thanks for linking up again with us! I'm so glad you enjoy it cause you guys are the reason we keep it going :)

  2. Oh yeah, great minds think alike (they're on my list too)! Fabulous choices. Also love that they're both full of British accents!

  3. Love both of them, especially Love Actually. I just can't get enough of that movie!