Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Thursdays

 Its been a few, okay many weeks since I have done this link up, but Hubby was home. He always throws my schedule off lol. But on to the topic, Things I love about fall. This list could be long this year. I have never loved fall but after that killer of a summer I was ready for some cooler weather and just a change of pace.

Wreaths not really a fall thing but look at those colors :) I love the change of colors this time of year always have. The reds and golds and just deeper shades are so pretty and warming against the cold air. 

Halloween one of my favorite holiday. A day to be something else a day to eat candy. Whats not to love? 

Flannel and boots!!!!!!! Oh and big scarves and sweaters. I love having the ability to layer again. Don't get me wrong I love a tank shorts and flip flops to but being able to layer just makes an outfit for me.

Oh and Hot drinks, any kind really Tea Coco Coffee. Just as long as its HOT!!!!!!!!



  1. I've been seeing so many fall colored wreathes at the stores lately. It's been really hard not to buy all of them haha. My boots are still in the closet, waiting patiently to be day. You know, when I'm not dying of heatstroke.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Try hot chocolate with espresso - that's the mother of all hot drinks, you get the best of both worlds! My boots are still in the closet, too, just like Lin's.

  3. Love the wreath colors! You might have given me an idea to make one!