Thursday, October 25, 2012

1. Favorite fall lip product? 
    During this time of year I'm always grabbing for the chapstick. The drop in weather just causes my lips to dry out. And Im in love with these little vasiline lip products. They are just so tiny and cute :)
2. favorite fall nail polish?
 This year I'm actually branching out and wearing reds, the polish I'm loving is Essie Skirting the Issue.
3. Favorite Starbucks fall drink
? Im not much for Pumpkin but I do love the Salted Caramel drinks.
4. Favorite fall candle?
Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake :) it smells heavenly
5. Favorite fall scarve or accessory?
The blue scarf in the picture :) found it this year at old navy. Its a big infenity scarf but still light enough to wear on the random hot days we still have here down in Ga, (80 degres today)
6. Haunted house, haunted hayride, or haunted corn maze?
I havent been to any haunted things in many years and now that I have a son who is to young to be scared (even though I cant wait to take him to one). We did go to a normal Corn Maze this year for ths first time with him, He loved it so much.
7. Favorite halloween movie? 
This one is a hard one, Hocus Pocous is on my list for sure and so is Casper.  Scary movie wise Dawn of the Dead :) and Dracula 2000.
8. Favorite halloween candy? 
CANDY CORN, I know not many love this candy but man I can eat a whole bag lol. Its not fall with out my pumpkin jar filled with Candy Corn.
9. Are you dressing up? This year not really, my son is going to be Robin so I did get a Batman Tshirt to wear while taking him Trick or Treating :).
10. Favorite thing about fall? Having my windows open, here in Ga its still pretty warm until November or so but the humidity is gone. Love airing out the house after a summer of it being closed up tight with the a/c on. 

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