Saturday, June 9, 2012

My weight loss journey

I just wanted to start a little side blog entries to track my weight loss journey and what I'm doing to lose  the baby weight. Now my son is three so this weight I have been holding on to for a while now, its time that it leaves for good. I have lost some since having him but its not back to what I need it to be healthy and happy. In February I gave up fast food and soda for lent, just in doing that i went from 172 to 163 and that was amazing to me then at the end of lent I purchased Brazilian butt lift and started that the first four weeks I was down to 155 but i have slacked of a lot since my birthday I'm down two pounds so I'm sitting at 153 now but its not to my goal. Tomorrow I'm starting BBL again hard core and running at last three days a week, I cant slack off anymore its not doing me any good. Every Saturday I will try and post and update about what I'm eating how i feel and how the work outs are going. And maybe a weekly picture too.
This is what shape I'm in now
The goal is to tone up the midsection and left the boobs again the legs and butt area too. I will be using to track my calorie and such screen name there is Darbie_Jo :)

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