Thursday, June 21, 2012

L'oreal BB Cream Review

I finally went and fully jumped on the BB cream train. Now I haven't tried the Asian version of BB creams mainly beacuase I'm to afraid to order them online and get a full on knock off :(. But when I was in CVS the other day I saw that L'oreal now has one :) so I picked it up. It was about $12.00 for 1.0 fluid oz.  They had a tester but it was for the fair and that was way to light for me, but right off the bat I loved the feel of the cream on my hand. It was so soft and light weight, perfect for the summer months. It also left my hand feeling soft and the pores in my hand didn't show. Now this cream does start of gray like many of the Asian BB creams I have seen reviewed on YouTube before, but once you rub it in it turns to skin tone color.

I wore it for the first time yesterday it was easy to blend in, I used my fingers to do so and a little bit went a long way. Its coverage is about the same as a tinted moisturizer but just a tad bit more it seemed. For me I have freckles so i knew those wouldn't be covered but the whole tone of my skin looked more uniformed. It wore nicely through out the day, didn't cake up and my skin didn't seem to dry out either during the day. Now I did take my son to the pool in the late afternoon but by then I believe most had faded of my face but in a nice fashion. So no crazy looking face in the afternoon or evening. This will be added into my makeup routine for the summer for sure.

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