Friday, November 30, 2012

CoverGirl BlastLipstick Bzzagnt Campaign

The colors I received (from left to right):
Vixen, a bright pink and shimmery pink 
Stunner, bright coral and golden orange
Minx, chocolate brown and a golden hue 

Ill be honest, I have purchase one of these blastlipsticks in the past and was completely disappointed in it. It was dry and very hard to blend and just didn't work well with my lips. Now that being said these there that I was sent form BzzAgent are the total opposite.  Very creamy and blend amazingly. now the coral and brown are not colors I would pick for my skin tone but that pink I can work with. 

They have no scent and no taste, both a plus in my book. They also have some staying power tried out the coral color on my lips just to see if I would like it and it stayed on all day even after trying to make it fade. The color was still a bit right for me I think. I also like that you can wear eight on their own or in many combinations. I do recommend using a lip brush if you are going to high light with the shimmery color its just. 

Just as a reminder I am a member of the BzzAgent a great website, go and sign up and you can also join in on great campaigns such as this. They are who asked me to do this campaign and sent me the lipsticks.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Thursday

Hot Coco (spiked on the really cold nights) and lots of marshmellows

Burts bees hand salve, with out this stuff my hands will hurt and itch bc they get so dry

Blankets many many blankets, even my cat needs them :)

My vs hoodie this thing gets worn almost 24/7 during the winter

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Thursdays

1. The dishwasher ~ i know boring but I use it daily 
2. Mascara ~ I at least have that one every day. I cant leave home with out it on.
3. Iphone ~ I swear I should go to Iphone users anonymous. I need to learn to not be on it what seems like 24/7
4. Keurig ~ whether its to make coffee, tea, or hot coco its always on and filled with water just waiting for a drink to be made. 
5. Vaseline Lip Therapy ~ I put this on at bedtime, before I start putting on my face, during the day. This is a must have even more so now that its getting into the colder months 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My CVS Find

 Wet and Wild has new eight pan eye shadows. The sign did say limited edition too. I have head many rave about the other eight pan ones but never picked on up before. Well I saw these at my CVS today and thought I would give one a try, I mean for 4.99 I really couldn't pass up the deal. They had a few to choose but these bright colors on this pallete really caught my eye and the fact they were matte. The others had a lot of sparkle(chunks of glitter) and I worried about ending up with that all over my face and not just my eyes. 

I can say I am totally impressed with the pigmentation in this, and how lovely the colors are. They are not chalky at all and that black oh my is it black :). And the colors really do show ..well that one tan high light is a bit light but still the rest at AMAZING :). 

Keep and eye of for an eye look using these :) so excited when I find good product at a really good price!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fotm ( Face of the month)

As a stay at home mom sticking to a routine and the same products helps me get ready quick. Dont really have much time in the mornings with a preschooler to chase after, feed, and get off to preschool.  But I also dont want to stay in my pj's all day with my hair in a pony tail. So these are the products I have been reaching for pretty much every day this month. 
Clinique Even Better Foundation in 02 Fair
CoverGirl & Olay pressed powder in 330 Light
Tarte Amazonian Clay in DollFace
 Color Sensational High Shine lip gloss in 110 Mirrored Mauve
Urban Decay Eye Shadow 
Twice Baked
Sell out
Stray dog
CoverGirl Last blast Luxe mascara 
Maybelline MasterDrama eyeliner in Bold Brown

Closer look of the Urban Decay pallete

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is Mens Health month

I know this is mainly a Makeup/fashion blogs stuff  but I just want to reach out to you guys with men in your life. You know we all have them in our life brothers sons fathers husbands boyfriends and friends. There is a cancer out there that is taking many men's lives and we must help get the word out.

Two years ago this month my husband had just finished his fourth and last round of chemo for Testicular Cancer stage two. We started our fight in May when he found a lump and was having some pain. After one CT scan the urologist was suggesting surgery to remover the testicle  and referring us to an oncologist for further test and treatment. In June he had his surgery that all went well. But with a further PET scan we got the news that the cancer had already spread to lympnoids in his belly. Treatment then was four rounds of chemo with three different types of chemo. We got the all clear that following month and are now still getting the all clear at every doctor visit since.

 A good place to start when looking for info is the Testicular Cancer Awareness Facebook page this will lead you to some great people and some great information  Tell your husbands sons brothers and fathers to be doing their monthly checks and if anything seems wrong or out of place to then go to the doctor. EARLY detection is the key to saving lives. If you can this month spread the word and donate to charities to help bring the cancer to the for front. Lets make this awareness just as big as breast cancer awareness is