Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Beauty Box

Loving my selections this month. A full size NYX mascara, Young Blood primer, Indie Lee Moisturizing oil, Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream, Apothederm stretch mark cream, and my mystery selection Creme Mains Regenerante hand cream. 

Been hearing a lot of buzz about this product so when I saw it in my selection line up I had to pick it.  There is 0.1 fl.oz. in the package. Its a vasoline type feel and a little bit goes along way a very along way. Once you warm it up in your hands it becomes this nice non greasy oil type feel. I have used this on my elbows at night and they are really loving the extra care. No more dry patches at all. Its marketed as an all purpose skin cream and man is it. Im sure this would be great on dry heel hands and just all over. The ingredients are  olive oil, Beeswax honey bee pollen royal jelly and proplis extract. there are no synthetic preservatives or fragrance added.
 This was my mystery selection, I have received this in another box but have never sat down and used it. I have so many lotions at the moment its just gotten forgotten. There is 1 fl. oz. and like the above product a little goes along way. The smell however is very harsh to my nose and its left my hands feeling very greasy. But my hands are not to dry on a regular day so this maybe just to much lotion for me. My husband on the other hand would really benefit from this lotion and its the perfect size for travel.
Apothedeim Stretch mark cream, being a mother with child strips I'm always trying creams in hopes of making mine look better. I know they will never go away with hour surgery but hey I can at least try to make them look smaller or better right. First of this stuff doesn't smell all that great right out of the bottle but once you rub it in you don't smell it at all. Haven't used it long enough to be able to tell you if things are changing lol will have to get back to you on that one.
NYX Le Chick Flick water proof mascara. Nothing special about the brush or the formula which I love. Since its waterproof its a pain to wash off :(, but with a vacation that will have many pool visits this is a god send :).
 YoungBlood  mineral primer, so far love this stuff. No smell very smoothing, and in the ga heat really helps my foundation stay good. Its also peraben free and cruelty free always a big plus in my book. Well be using this till it runs out and getting a full size.
Indie Lee Moisturizing oil, this smells amazing. I haven't used it yet but it can be used in so many ways. I might drop some in my next bubble bath :).

Cant wait to see what I get to pick from next week, and I hope they keep the Mystery option :).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week Two weight loss

The second week I only made it to the gym once, but I did do some mini work outs through out the week. I also kept up with eating healthy and no junk. No real weight loss but I'm noticing things changing. Here is a picture of my back, when I started working out again back in the spring I had a roll of fat that would fall over my tank top it's now gone :). This week(week three) I haves se it to the gym twice so far :). Next week I'm on vacation so it will be a challenge to keep it up but I'm going to try.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

L'oreal BB Cream Review

I finally went and fully jumped on the BB cream train. Now I haven't tried the Asian version of BB creams mainly beacuase I'm to afraid to order them online and get a full on knock off :(. But when I was in CVS the other day I saw that L'oreal now has one :) so I picked it up. It was about $12.00 for 1.0 fluid oz.  They had a tester but it was for the fair and that was way to light for me, but right off the bat I loved the feel of the cream on my hand. It was so soft and light weight, perfect for the summer months. It also left my hand feeling soft and the pores in my hand didn't show. Now this cream does start of gray like many of the Asian BB creams I have seen reviewed on YouTube before, but once you rub it in it turns to skin tone color.

I wore it for the first time yesterday it was easy to blend in, I used my fingers to do so and a little bit went a long way. Its coverage is about the same as a tinted moisturizer but just a tad bit more it seemed. For me I have freckles so i knew those wouldn't be covered but the whole tone of my skin looked more uniformed. It wore nicely through out the day, didn't cake up and my skin didn't seem to dry out either during the day. Now I did take my son to the pool in the late afternoon but by then I believe most had faded of my face but in a nice fashion. So no crazy looking face in the afternoon or evening. This will be added into my makeup routine for the summer for sure.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

week ONE weight loss down

No pictures this week going to do that every second week :). Got to the gym twice this week for a good hour and a half each time and have done BBl along with a few ab work out sessions along the way. Food wise I have splurged and ate some pizza but I have kept up with my water intake and eating more fruits and veggies. No wight loss this week but no gain either :) still sitting at 153.

Goals for this week get to the gym more then three days this week and keep up the bbl toning videos. Concentrate more on my core work outs and run farther.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My weight loss journey

I just wanted to start a little side blog entries to track my weight loss journey and what I'm doing to lose  the baby weight. Now my son is three so this weight I have been holding on to for a while now, its time that it leaves for good. I have lost some since having him but its not back to what I need it to be healthy and happy. In February I gave up fast food and soda for lent, just in doing that i went from 172 to 163 and that was amazing to me then at the end of lent I purchased Brazilian butt lift and started that the first four weeks I was down to 155 but i have slacked of a lot since my birthday I'm down two pounds so I'm sitting at 153 now but its not to my goal. Tomorrow I'm starting BBL again hard core and running at last three days a week, I cant slack off anymore its not doing me any good. Every Saturday I will try and post and update about what I'm eating how i feel and how the work outs are going. And maybe a weekly picture too.
This is what shape I'm in now
The goal is to tone up the midsection and left the boobs again the legs and butt area too. I will be using to track my calorie and such screen name there is Darbie_Jo :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Summer Lip

This summer Im all about pink lips and also one step looks. Stains and gloss are my go to  lip products this summer but four are my all time will always reach for kinds. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, they are new to the market and i love them. They are like big lip pencils of highly pigmented balm. They tingle a bit with a minty smell  only complaint is they do feel a bit thick on the lips but other then that love them. Going with my love with pinks and neutrals for the summer I have the colors Precious and Honey. Im also loving lip gloss for that shiny wet looking lip. NYX are my go to with gloss for the simple fact that they stay and are true to color. I have Beige which is by far from that its a really nice baby doll pink and I have Chandelier a glittery pink that is nice one its own or over another color.

Tell me what is your favorite summer lip look?