Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sibu Beauty

A few weeks back I received some new face wash to try out from Sibu Beauty. They sent me their Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial cleanser. Now before this i have never heard of this little berry called Sea Buckthorn but it all sounded so interesting I was excited to check it out. Now researching this cleanser a little more I found that it was an organic product and was also Paraben-FREE and Cruelty-FREE.. Those last two words really got me hooked on the company and trying the cleanser full force. 

That night i used it for the first time and i must say it was really gently had a slight but not over powering citrus smell to it. Now normally i take a wipe to remover my makeup of the day and then wash with a cleanser to remover all the remaining residue and makeup that is left behind. But with this stuff i just skip the wipe step and went at it. The formulation is a gel type with little exfoliating beads. The beads are not rough at all and my face had no irritation from them, other cleansers with the beads in them normally leave my skin inflamed and red. After rinsing it also doesn't leave a funny residue or that dry squeaky feeling at all. 

My skin is always changing for a few months it will be really dry  and then oily and sometimes combination. After using this stuff for a few weeks i have notice its calmed down on changing so much (not sure its just the wash alone of it I just finally found the right combination of products). The redness is pretty much gone too and my one little zit i always get every few days has been gone for a week or so now. I also have been wearing less foundation since my face has calmed down :).  This hands down is by far the best cleanser i have tried in the last few years and will be purchasing more once this bottle runs out :). 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Project

Since moving to our new place, my makeup as since moved from a spacious bathroom to our old computer desk. So it was kind of a mess and so unorganized. Today I decided to fix it up, get rid of expired makeup and just stuff that was not needed on the desk. 

It started out like this 

And my end result 

I picked up these drawers at Target to store products.The  eyes, lips, and face products all have their own section.  

 Found this bucket at Target also in the dollar spot :) I need to get some filler and section it so the brushes are better organized :) but it works. The box is my Beauty Army box and my nail files and such are in there 

 This is what all my makeup and brushes were in, now its holding my polishes :) 

 And the I don't know where or what else to put this stuff right now section .

I would like to get some more bins so i can put all my hair stuff out of the bathroom to and keep it out here. Our bathroom is just so tiny now and we have no storage space in there. This will be a work in progress from now on but I'm happy with the results.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beauty Army Box

I had been debating the beauty monthly subscriptions for about a year, i looked into Birchbox many a times. Watched so many videos and blog post about it but I was always worried i would just end up with a bunch of stuff that I wouldn't use and I would feel it would be a waste of money. Then along came a twitter post about the new box called Beauty Army were you could pick out your own samples each month. It was a little more a month then Birchbox was but hey I get to pick the stuff I wanted to try that would cut down on the waste of samples I wouldn't use with not knowing what i would be getting each month. It seemed way more green this way. So I took the plunge and signed on up.

Took a bit to get my box, but that okay it just started in January and they had a great turn out of people that signed up. The samples I chose were:
  • Jeoco K-Pak revitaluxe hair treatment
  • Chella Anti-Fatigue eye mask kit 
  • Stivectin-SD Eye concentrate for wrinkles
  • Bling Tone Eye Shadow in the color Diamonds and Pearls
  • Lift Labs eye cream
  • SunFX Summers Secret Tanning Lotion
I am very pleased with the sample sizes. and I got one full size product too. The box itself is put together very well and I will for sure be using this again for storage and such. Every product was wrapped in tissue paper. They surely took the time with each box to get it just right. I have used a few products so far and will be posting future reviews on them.