Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ootd & Target clearance

Im wearing on my face today:
Mark. Primed for perfection
Covergirl and olay tone rehab foundation in 110 classic ivory
Blush is Maybelline expert wear in pinch o pink
I set it all with Bareminerals mineral veil
Two faced shadow insurance
Urban decay eye shadows :
Sin all over my lid
Last Call in the outer corner and crease
Toasted in the outer corner
Mascara is Urban Decay's supercurl curling mascara (which i love only have a travel size but once this runs out i will be purchasing a full size :)
Lips today is just some aquaphora its pretty dry here today so this is pretty much all i can wear any lip gloss or lipstick would look so bad lol

Today i wore a gray striped shirt form Kohls Junior section it has buttons down the right sleeve and is quarter length sleeves also 
A infinity scarf from old navy i wear this often 
jeans are from Target and my shoes were mini cowboy boots form Kohls

Jewelry was earrings my mother in law made (love her stuff) 
My Testicular cancer awareness bands i never leave home with out them

Also while i was grocery shopping today i noticed that many makeup products were on clearance today :) i picked up a blush form physicians formula the mood boosting one in the shade natural. I wanted to pick up more but they stuff was really getting picked through. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Mark. Haul

First of yes I'm a Mark. Rep but I have been so slacking on it and had not looked at the site in ages, I just have been busy with other stuff. So last week sometime i thought I would jump back on see what was new and place an order for some new things to try and maybe get my business going again. Now I will be honest not everything that the offer works for me but might work for others :) and I will always give you gals my honest opinion on things even if I don't like a product.

First thing I saw on the site was a highlighting product, called All the highlights. It had a pretty Butterfly pressed into the powder, how could I not get it lol. Its a group of pretty colors ranging from pink peach and tan/ almost lavender is with a slight simmer. The packaging is a sleek dark brown shiny box with bright pink writing, very beautiful. When swirled on to a brush and brush on to the skin it leaves a very light dusting of color and shimmer. Nothing is over powering and its not screaming hey Im covered in glitter look at me. It really just leaves a natural glow to the cheeks or other places you want to highlight. My only complaint about it is once you swipe it once the pink in the butterfly is gone :( as you will see in my pictures lol. I got to excited about it and played with it before I took pictures of it.($16)

Next on my list of things to look at or get was a angled contour brush and low and behold they have one :). The brush its self is a bit on the larger size then i thought but i can work with it. The  bristles  are soft  and move, they are not stiff or scratchy. I have not used it yet or washed it so no idea on the wear but I will keep you posted. ($8)

Then I moved on to the bath section I had seen they had a lemon scent (Threes a charm in lemon sugar scent) so I had to pick the bubble bath up. Glad Idid because it smells amazing. very fresh and sweet all at once. Its a three in one too, shampoo cleanser or bubble bath. I will most likely only us it as a bubble bath but hey love the options.($8)

I had also never tired the hair products they had so why not i mean its all at a great price right. So I picked up the Next day spray. Its a wet dry shampoo basically, the smell is a bit harsh and old ladyish too. i have tried it out a few times already and it does do the trick I just spray lightly at my roots and while I do my makeup or get my son ready it will dry and the oil is going and my hair looks refreshed, I just cant get over the smell. ($6)

Want to check out these items and more for your self then head on over to http://darbiejohnson.mymarkstore.com/, and don't forget to sign up so you can get emails form me on new products and sales :). Also use the code WELCOME to get free shipping on your first order.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Almay Shadow stick

This shadow stick just didn't live up to what i thought it could be. The color pay off was not as intense as it could be i felt that i couldn't layer it enough to get the color to stand out. It does last how ever and doesn't crease through out the day and it did blend easily. I just wish the color was brighter and more there. i have been using it as a base and its wonderful that way so it wasn't a complete loss but i just cant wear it alone.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning your Brushes

This post is about how and what I use to cleaning my brushes. I try and clean them deeply once a week(key word I try lol), and I do wipe them off after every day use. I use three different products and I try and alternate them, baby shampoo, Sonia Kashuk's cleaning spray, and ELF brush shampoo.

What you need two bowls of warm water. I use one bowl as a tiny amount of water in it and sometimes i will just go ahead and ad the baby shampoo to it this time I did not though, Just using that water to get the brush wet. 

Then I spray it with the brush cleaner from Sonia Kashuk, be careful though it does have a strong scent.

Then using the towel I swish the brush around working all the product out on to the towel.

After removing as much of the dirt/foundation form the brush I then apply a tiny amount of the shampoo and rub the brush in my hands creating a lather. 

Once lather is achieved and I feel that the brush is clean I then rinse it in the other bowl of water and taking a new towel I dry and reshape the brush. Leave them laying out over night to dry. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

its a gloss its a stain....

I love lip stains they always seem to work best for me then normal lip sticks, they don't flake off or leave that crazy white line like some glosses and lip sticks can. So you can imagine my excitement when i saw the new Maybelline ten hour lip gloss stain :), All i could think about is no more laying two just put on and go. anything to make my makeup application quicker and easier as a mom I'm all for. So i picked on up in the color Mauve Dream #180, got home tired it on first thing and its way to dark for me, or so i think lol. Then since i was so determined to try this stuff out i pick up another color while at target this time I got Pink Plush #100.  Its a bit brighter then i thought but i can work with this lol. 

Sadly though the product didn't really work for me ...it settled in to the fine lines and such of my lips. and makes them feel really dry. There is tons of shine though but the formula is not wet like a shiny gloss. For someone with smoother lips then me this formula would work really well it doesn't last and stay on your lips even through drinking and eating. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Illegal Lengths.....

So more on the new products that are popping up in the drug store as of late. You know new year new stuff :) this is the time when i get really excited about shopping for cosmetics. Today's post is about what the title says the new Illegal Lengths Mascara by Maybeline  New York, i believe this is a reboot of an old mascara they use to have but they have added "Fiber Extensions" and the packaging claims to lengthen your lashes by 4mm. Now i all ready have long lashes they are just not dark at the tips so i need mascara period to make them noticeable.

First impressions of the formula and brush. the brush is is just a normal every day  brush, nothing special no curve and its not plastic. At first glance the formula is a bit on the wetter side and i dont see many fibers coming of the brush but normally when it says fibers i cant see them anyways lol.

How it worked for me, I i really didn't see anything special or different with my lashes when compared to my other mascaras that i use. It didn't clump on me or flake of during the day at all which is a plus, But i really didnt see any extra length. The brush separated my lashes nicely though, which for me is always a deciding factor on is i like a mascara or not.

In all i do enjoy this mascara and will be using it it doesnt flake off or bug my contacts. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Review of Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadow

Last post I showed you some new products I had found at CVS and the Color Tattoo eye shadow was the one I was most excited about. Now the claims of this product or no creasing and lasting 24 hours, but really who is going to wear an eye shadow for that long. I i must say though it doesnt crease at all i have worn it twice so far once with a primer base and shadow on top and another time with just the cream shadow on its own. both times they lasted all day for me. They blend well and are more pigmented then i had thought they would be. I have even went and purchased a different color the purple one work out so well.

Swatches of the two that i have Painted Purple and  Audacious Asphalt

I wore Painted Purple today i used a deeper purple shadow over top 

I must say i am really happy with this product it does live up to its claims(im sure if i didnt wash it off at night it would still be there in the morning). I cant wait to see how many looks i can come up with now that i have two colors to play with.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick note

Went to cvs this evening and found some new products that I can't wait to try and review for you girls.
First up is Super Stay 10 stain gloss by Maybelline in the color Mauve Dream.
Second up is the Color Tattoo eyeshadow by Maybelline in the color painted purple.
And last but not least a shadow stick from Almay.
I'm going to try them out for a few days get a feel for them and how they wear and then I will report back to you.

Disclaimer all products purchased with my own money and I will give my homers review good and bad.