Sunday, January 15, 2012

its a gloss its a stain....

I love lip stains they always seem to work best for me then normal lip sticks, they don't flake off or leave that crazy white line like some glosses and lip sticks can. So you can imagine my excitement when i saw the new Maybelline ten hour lip gloss stain :), All i could think about is no more laying two just put on and go. anything to make my makeup application quicker and easier as a mom I'm all for. So i picked on up in the color Mauve Dream #180, got home tired it on first thing and its way to dark for me, or so i think lol. Then since i was so determined to try this stuff out i pick up another color while at target this time I got Pink Plush #100.  Its a bit brighter then i thought but i can work with this lol. 

Sadly though the product didn't really work for me settled in to the fine lines and such of my lips. and makes them feel really dry. There is tons of shine though but the formula is not wet like a shiny gloss. For someone with smoother lips then me this formula would work really well it doesn't last and stay on your lips even through drinking and eating. 

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