Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning your Brushes

This post is about how and what I use to cleaning my brushes. I try and clean them deeply once a week(key word I try lol), and I do wipe them off after every day use. I use three different products and I try and alternate them, baby shampoo, Sonia Kashuk's cleaning spray, and ELF brush shampoo.

What you need two bowls of warm water. I use one bowl as a tiny amount of water in it and sometimes i will just go ahead and ad the baby shampoo to it this time I did not though, Just using that water to get the brush wet. 

Then I spray it with the brush cleaner from Sonia Kashuk, be careful though it does have a strong scent.

Then using the towel I swish the brush around working all the product out on to the towel.

After removing as much of the dirt/foundation form the brush I then apply a tiny amount of the shampoo and rub the brush in my hands creating a lather. 

Once lather is achieved and I feel that the brush is clean I then rinse it in the other bowl of water and taking a new towel I dry and reshape the brush. Leave them laying out over night to dry. 


  1. I like the towel bit, really shows you're getting it clean. What are some good, affordable brushes? I've heard Sonia Kashuk are good, what do you think?

    1. Her brushes are good and at a nice price :) im washing my Sigma f80 here and i love thier brushes to but i have to save up a bit to get some more