Friday, January 13, 2012

Illegal Lengths.....

So more on the new products that are popping up in the drug store as of late. You know new year new stuff :) this is the time when i get really excited about shopping for cosmetics. Today's post is about what the title says the new Illegal Lengths Mascara by Maybeline  New York, i believe this is a reboot of an old mascara they use to have but they have added "Fiber Extensions" and the packaging claims to lengthen your lashes by 4mm. Now i all ready have long lashes they are just not dark at the tips so i need mascara period to make them noticeable.

First impressions of the formula and brush. the brush is is just a normal every day  brush, nothing special no curve and its not plastic. At first glance the formula is a bit on the wetter side and i dont see many fibers coming of the brush but normally when it says fibers i cant see them anyways lol.

How it worked for me, I i really didn't see anything special or different with my lashes when compared to my other mascaras that i use. It didn't clump on me or flake of during the day at all which is a plus, But i really didnt see any extra length. The brush separated my lashes nicely though, which for me is always a deciding factor on is i like a mascara or not.

In all i do enjoy this mascara and will be using it it doesnt flake off or bug my contacts. 

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