Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is Mens Health month

I know this is mainly a Makeup/fashion blogs stuff  but I just want to reach out to you guys with men in your life. You know we all have them in our life brothers sons fathers husbands boyfriends and friends. There is a cancer out there that is taking many men's lives and we must help get the word out.

Two years ago this month my husband had just finished his fourth and last round of chemo for Testicular Cancer stage two. We started our fight in May when he found a lump and was having some pain. After one CT scan the urologist was suggesting surgery to remover the testicle  and referring us to an oncologist for further test and treatment. In June he had his surgery that all went well. But with a further PET scan we got the news that the cancer had already spread to lympnoids in his belly. Treatment then was four rounds of chemo with three different types of chemo. We got the all clear that following month and are now still getting the all clear at every doctor visit since.

 A good place to start when looking for info is the Testicular Cancer Awareness Facebook page this will lead you to some great people and some great information  Tell your husbands sons brothers and fathers to be doing their monthly checks and if anything seems wrong or out of place to then go to the doctor. EARLY detection is the key to saving lives. If you can this month spread the word and donate to charities to help bring the cancer to the for front. Lets make this awareness just as big as breast cancer awareness is

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