Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Thursdays

1. The dishwasher ~ i know boring but I use it daily 
2. Mascara ~ I at least have that one every day. I cant leave home with out it on.
3. Iphone ~ I swear I should go to Iphone users anonymous. I need to learn to not be on it what seems like 24/7
4. Keurig ~ whether its to make coffee, tea, or hot coco its always on and filled with water just waiting for a drink to be made. 
5. Vaseline Lip Therapy ~ I put this on at bedtime, before I start putting on my face, during the day. This is a must have even more so now that its getting into the colder months 


  1. I use my dishwasher TWICE a day! BAD for the water bill!!

    I use my Kuerig probably 3-4 times a day! HAHA

    And lord knows how many times I use my iPhone!! HAHAHA

  2. Our dishwasher gets run like 4x a week & I think that's a lot, you poor thing. I'm ghetto though, the other day I went out & bought disposable plates cause I didnt want to deal with dirty dishes haha.

    I want a Keurig so bad! Enjoy it for all us none Keurig owners :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. hahaha! the dishwasher! so funny!!! hahahaha! :*