Thursday, April 25, 2013

How I Tan

With summer fast approaching here in the south that means the need for color is also approaching. But with the threat of skin cancer and tanning beds a big no no (I confess though I miss that nap time) the tan now comes from a spray, towelette or lotion. This is what I like to use and I will tell you my tricks for not having streaks or turning orange.

I love the spray product for an all over even color. Like with foundations you have to try a few till you find the one that suits your skin type and tone the best. For me that's Banana Boast summer color. I get a nice even color that I can control. The closer you spray the darker the color. I like to start with a good exfoliation product St Ives or a good DIY sugar scrub. 

After the scrub I apply a good moisturizer, making sure I get my elbows knees and ankles really well.  Then I just start spraying, starting at my face and working my way down. The key is a light application first, you can always add more later for a deeper color. I keep the spray a good eight to twelve inches away from the area I'm spraying and do a even swish like motion. 

Just let everything dry, I find applying before bed the easiest, before putting on clothes and your done. It does have a bit of a fake sun tan smell, I have yet to find one that doesn't have that smell to some degree. But aside from that I love this product for an at home fake tan. 

If you are scared to do this at home on your own, then I do highly recommend going to a tanning salon and getting a Mystic tan. You can set the levels to your needs and it last for about seven days. Just remember to exfoliate and use the lotion on your hands elbows knees and feet. 

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