Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Wish List

My wish list for the month. 
Naked2, Burberry Body, and a Beauty blender. 

Im late to the party on naked2 and the beauty blender but I love all the reviews on them. Burberry is one of my favorite perfumes ever. I have a few bottles of Brit but I got a sample of Body a while back and fell in love and I just finished it all up too :(. 

What is your wish list this month? Anything Special you have been wanting to try?


  1. I want a beauty blender so bad! I don't even have the naked palette much less naked2!

  2. The Naked2 palette is probably my all time favourite beauty item, its definitely a good investment. I've never tried a proper beauty blender but have tried a couple of cheap alternatives from ebay and they work really well! I'm a new follower, found you through Adeles blog :) x