Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweet Swap

This whole thing started with Cadbury Chocolate eggs on CosmeticGirlAdele  instgram photo :). I post a comment about how they look yummy but we dont have them in the states. She replyed back about doing a sweets/beauty swap. To see what I sent her go here Beauty Swap with DarbieJo .
This is what she sent my and I must say i am so excited to play with it all. The candy didnt last to long lol I do have a four year old son to split it all with. But man it was all good and happy to report no tummy aches but I will be spending some extra time at the gym. 

Cant wait to try out the nail wraps and nail jewels :) always a great way to liven up manicure. Going to save the lashes for my birthday bash in April, But I see myself using the rest on a weekly basis. Must and will do swatches and reviews after I have used them. 

So was not expecting socks jewelry or hair stuff but man I love them all :). The cat socks remind me of something my late grandmother would wear :) so they will be cherished and loved. 

I had so much fun shopping for the swap and receiving a box. 

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