Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Project

Since moving to our new place, my makeup as since moved from a spacious bathroom to our old computer desk. So it was kind of a mess and so unorganized. Today I decided to fix it up, get rid of expired makeup and just stuff that was not needed on the desk. 

It started out like this 

And my end result 

I picked up these drawers at Target to store products.The  eyes, lips, and face products all have their own section.  

 Found this bucket at Target also in the dollar spot :) I need to get some filler and section it so the brushes are better organized :) but it works. The box is my Beauty Army box and my nail files and such are in there 

 This is what all my makeup and brushes were in, now its holding my polishes :) 

 And the I don't know where or what else to put this stuff right now section .

I would like to get some more bins so i can put all my hair stuff out of the bathroom to and keep it out here. Our bathroom is just so tiny now and we have no storage space in there. This will be a work in progress from now on but I'm happy with the results.


  1. Nice, I love organizing stuff. I'm not sure but are the first 2 pics the same?

    1. yea it wasnt like that before i posted the post lol its fixed now :)