Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Mark. Haul

First of yes I'm a Mark. Rep but I have been so slacking on it and had not looked at the site in ages, I just have been busy with other stuff. So last week sometime i thought I would jump back on see what was new and place an order for some new things to try and maybe get my business going again. Now I will be honest not everything that the offer works for me but might work for others :) and I will always give you gals my honest opinion on things even if I don't like a product.

First thing I saw on the site was a highlighting product, called All the highlights. It had a pretty Butterfly pressed into the powder, how could I not get it lol. Its a group of pretty colors ranging from pink peach and tan/ almost lavender is with a slight simmer. The packaging is a sleek dark brown shiny box with bright pink writing, very beautiful. When swirled on to a brush and brush on to the skin it leaves a very light dusting of color and shimmer. Nothing is over powering and its not screaming hey Im covered in glitter look at me. It really just leaves a natural glow to the cheeks or other places you want to highlight. My only complaint about it is once you swipe it once the pink in the butterfly is gone :( as you will see in my pictures lol. I got to excited about it and played with it before I took pictures of it.($16)

Next on my list of things to look at or get was a angled contour brush and low and behold they have one :). The brush its self is a bit on the larger size then i thought but i can work with it. The  bristles  are soft  and move, they are not stiff or scratchy. I have not used it yet or washed it so no idea on the wear but I will keep you posted. ($8)

Then I moved on to the bath section I had seen they had a lemon scent (Threes a charm in lemon sugar scent) so I had to pick the bubble bath up. Glad Idid because it smells amazing. very fresh and sweet all at once. Its a three in one too, shampoo cleanser or bubble bath. I will most likely only us it as a bubble bath but hey love the options.($8)

I had also never tired the hair products they had so why not i mean its all at a great price right. So I picked up the Next day spray. Its a wet dry shampoo basically, the smell is a bit harsh and old ladyish too. i have tried it out a few times already and it does do the trick I just spray lightly at my roots and while I do my makeup or get my son ready it will dry and the oil is going and my hair looks refreshed, I just cant get over the smell. ($6)

Want to check out these items and more for your self then head on over to, and don't forget to sign up so you can get emails form me on new products and sales :). Also use the code WELCOME to get free shipping on your first order.


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