Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Thursdays

This weeks Random Thursday's topic is All Things Christmas. So I thought I would post pictures of what I got in my holiday swap :) from  over at Linny's Vault. I was paired up with Nichole. These are the things I received in the box she sent.   I loved everything, cant wait to use the napkins on Christmas eve and day during meals. The wooden tree is so pretty along with the nutcracker. The ornaments are a bit heavy but they will last for years and will go up every year here after. 

And its now Christmas in this house with out a Gingerbread house :). took us an hour to put this thing together and about a day to eat it all lol. Since my husband travels our tree is always up by Black Friday along with other decorations. Hoping to go look at some lights this weekend and sing (poorly i might add) some carols while we are driving through someones neighborhood. Christmas the only time you can drive around like your casing the joint and not get pulled over lol. 

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  1. Those napkins are so cute. I like that they're Christmas themed but don't stick to the traditional colors.

    You know, I've never ever made a gingerbread house. I really need to get on that. This one came out really cute, hope it was as delicious as it it looks :)