Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coffee Talk

Joining a new link up for today!

Coffee talk from the lovely The Spunky Poser (go check out her blog)
This week is all about your partner :) and since tomorrow is out 4 year wedding anniversiry I thought this would be fun. 

1. How did you meet your partner?

Well we met the day I moved in, I handed him a box of my shoes and said HI!. I had just driven 22 hours from DC to Oklahoma city to be with my (his roommate) high school sweetheart......

2. How did you feel about your partner when you first met? 

I thought he was a very attractive guy but a bit to much of the tough guy form me. Thought he would be that great drinking buddy to have in case fights start. 

3. When was your first date?

 Our first actual date was actually a few years into dating, He took me downtown OKC to a lovely New Orleans theme place, we spent so much money on food and drinks but it was so nice. 

4. Where do you see y'all in five years?

Still getting on each others nerves, I mean loving on lol,  and hopefully with at least one more child. 

5. Here is us
This is from over the summer, we were in Kansas City's Power and Light district for his big 30 party 


  1. Yall look great together!
    Congratulations on 4 years of marriage!!

  2. awww! i love seeing people that have been together for awhile! congrats!

  3. Looking great!!!!! And don't worry.. Bill gets on my nerves too!!