Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thursday's

Not a whole lot going on in my purse it seems. I was carrying around a much larger purse but  I could never anything, and always had to much of what I didnt need.

Whats in my Purse?

Wallet(in need a of a new one )
Hand lotion
hand sanitizer (little kids are slimy creatures)
makeup bag
three lipsticks, that aparently cant fit in the makeup bag
and some coins.


  1. thanks for linking up!
    and I agree, kids ARE slimy lol

  2. "little kids are slimy creature" = hilarity! Seriously, I laughed & laughed.

    I carry around coupons all the time but my pea brain always forgets they're in there & they expire by the time I pull them out to use them haha. Thanks so much for linking up!