Saturday, January 12, 2013

New mascara

The Rocket Volume from Maybeline ...
A new love (except i grab the waterproof kind) 
The brush is a plastic on but has a bit of a taper to it. Because of the brush shape I am able to get even the little lashed in the corner of my eyes. Since it is the waterproof kind it never smudged or moved, but this also meant it was a pain in the but to take off. 


  1. Wow there's a quite a difference there! And yeah waterproof mascaras are SUCH pain to get off.
    Kerry x from Kerralina
    (And if you're ever passing through mine, do say hi!)

  2. I bought this the other day bit haunt used it yet, your review reminds me that I should! Thanks for sharing your opinion and great to know other can help on the corners! :) x