Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mascara Mascara Mascara!!!!!!!

Here are the Mascaras that I am using right now. When i use them changes daily and mainly has to do with what effect I want to go for :). I do believe, well at least for me anyways, that its more to do with the brush then the formula in how a mascara will look on my lashes. I have naturally long lashes but the aren't very dark so when I have nothing on them you cant really see them. So I'm always looking for a mascara to separate and coat all my lashes. All pictures have one coat applied, I find for me anymore and I end up with spider eyes and I don't like that look.

The formula is pretty standard, not to wet and not to dry. The wand is tapered and thin, makes getting my all my lashes easy. It does take a bit of work to get of at the end of the day which is something I don't enjoy. It also can get clumpy if you apply to fast. This mascara also doesn't smudge during the day. The price point is around seven dollars. 

This is a very wet formula, the brush is also huge and hourglass shaped. I find it hard to get all my lashes separated with the brush and I miss the ones on the corners sometimes. To me its not very volumnizing either with out adding lots and lots of coats. Washes off very easily which I do like. Claims to last 24 hours but who really wants to wear it for that long. It doesn't smudge or move at all until I wash it off. Price point is also around seven dollars. 

Okay so this is that big talked about mascara that everyone says you need. But the price point is twenty dollars, for me that's way to much to spend on something you will through out after ninety days. So i purchased the deluxe sample size. Its only nine dollars and since I don't wear it every day it last me the ninety days. I must say I really do love this mascara the brush is amazing it has bristles even on the tip. These are great for getting those tiny lashes and the bottom lashes. The formulation is not wet or dry a good combination really. It has never smudged or clump on me. I also feel comfortable adding a few coats to get a thicker look. Still wouldn't purchase a full size tube but the deluxe sample size I will repurchase when this one runs out. 

My only waterproof mascara, normally I shy away from waterproof always have a hard time getting them off. This mascara has a old school brush and a some what dry formulation. For being waterproof though it washes of so easily but doesnt come of until you want it to. Doesnt do well with many coats it does tend to clump. At a price point of six dollars. 

The new Mabyelline gel mascara, I wear this pretty much every day its my go to natural look. The wand is hinged so there is a bounce in it when you apply to your lashes. The brush is huge but has so many bristles to catch every lash. Its a gel like formulation  so its a bit more wet but not at the same time. The package claimed for it not to get brittle once dry like many mascaras do and I do notice a more natural feel to my lashes. It doesn't smudge and I can wear it on my lower lashes to with out worry of looking like a raccoon later. I can also apply a few coats if I want more volume. At a price point of six dollars. 

I am testing out ELF mascara right now but I haven't used it enough to post in this post. So far for a dollar its a good mascara. look for a review soon.


  1. Great post! I'm always looking for a new mascara :)

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    1. Thank you :). Will check out your blog when I get back to a laptop :).

  2. I think the benefit there real looks good on the pics :)
    Amy x

    1. Out of all of them I really do love the benifit one I just can't get over the price of a full size tube :(